Ultra 90s Fresh

Ultra 90s Fresh is a spin off of Ultra 90s - standard line up Trio

It's exactly the same show as Ultra 90s!

Ultra 90s is in such high demand, we've created Ultra 90s Fresh... New team consisting of:

Lead Vocals - Ellie Guest/Sharon Cannings/Carey McCabe/Victoria Louise

Vocals/Keyboards - Twitch (Michael Latham)

Percussion - Kit Marsden/Dan Hudson/Tom Guest/Curtis Louth

Also available with Guitar, Dancers... just like Ultra 90s - but for now, this is only suitable for venues with in-house PA/Lighting or events that can provide the production side. Ultra 90s Fresh can arrange to program your lighting so that the show still runs to programmed scenes - black outs in all the right places, spots on the right people at the right time... and can patch out to video / TV screens for all the visuals.

If you don't have all the equipment but still want the Ultra 90s Show, we can arrange a quotation to include PA and Lighting from our trusted suppliers.

Booking Agent - Dave